Catholic School Speaker Series

Catholic School Speaker Series

Schools may choose from any of the topics noted below or request a customized presentation or retreat talk to meet the specific needs of the students.  The standard presentations typically run 45-60 minutes but can be shortened to 30 minutes if necessary.

You are not the Future of the Catholic Church, You are the Catholic Church (James 2:14-17)

A call to action meant to inspire and motivate students to serve others and be the light of Christ to their families and friends. This presentation is designed to help young people understand that “being Catholic” is not something they are learning to be in the future; rather, they have the power right now to live the Gospel message and serve as Christian role models.  Students will be provided with concrete examples of ways they can live their faith and serve those most in need on a daily basis.

Your World is the “Real World” (Philippians 4:13)

All too often, adults are guilty of trivializing the experiences of young people by telling them that life will be much more difficult when they get into the “real world”.  This sends a message that their pain, suffering, and feelings are somehow not “real”.  In actuality, the formative years are often the most challenging years and students need to understand that a strong relationship with God will help them navigate life’s most difficult moments.

A Biblical Perspective on Bullying (John 13:34)

Every school has some type of plan or program to deal with the issue of bullying. Unfortunately, every school still contends with this issue.  This powerful presentation is designed to help students understand why bullying persists, its effects, and how it should be attacked from a biblical perspective.  Due to the sensitive nature of some of the material, this presentation is only recommended for students in sixth grade and above.

“A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small” – Dr. Seuss (Jeremiah 1:5)

A discussion about the pro-life movement designed to be presented in October during Respect Life month or in January near the anniversary of the tragic Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision.  The topic is presented in an age-appropriate manner designed to inspire students to think about the issue from a Christian perspective.  Opposing viewpoints will be presented to demonstrate the contrast between the legality and morality of abortion.


About the Presenter

As a former Catholic school teacher, coach, and administrator, Mike Wisnor, Catholic Outreach and Philanthropy Manager at Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union, brings years of experience engaging with students of all ages.  In addition to being a devoted husband and father of three daughters, Mike is a passionate, dedicated Catholic speaker blessed with a gift for sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in a dynamic manner which resonates with young people.

In addition to the Catholic School Speaker Series, Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union will also partner directly with school principals to develop customized professional development sessions to help engage the faculty and staff in furthering the Catholic mission of the school.

If you would like to schedule a presentation for your school, please contact Mike Wisnor at or call (440) 213-7165.


“Mike has spoken to our students on several occasions and always leaves a lasting impression with a call to action for the students to truly live their faith.”

Beth Davis, Religion Teacher
Holy Trinity School – Avon, OH


Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union

Our mission is to IMPACT the Catholic community by focusing on faith, financial solutions, and promoting Catholic education.  We understand that Catholic school budgets are tight and it is often cost prohibitive to bring in outside speakers to discuss the most challenging issues facing your students.

As part of our Catholic mission and outreach, Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union is underwriting the entire cost of the Catholic School Speaker Series because we believe the information shared in the presentations is vital to your students’ personal growth and faith formation.