Tuition Loans

Our Tuition Loan Program offers a solution to the need for financial assistance while simultaneously supporting Catholic values, community, and education. By your school being a part of the tuition loan program with Ohio Catholic, your money stays within your diocese, your school benefits from having tuition monies at the beginning of the school year, and you benefit from having manageable, monthly payments.

  • Low, Fixed Interest Rates (Rates are not determined by credit scores)
  • Financing Terms 10-12 Months (terms determined by the school)
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Easy Application Process – online, in-person, by phone or through In-Network school office
  • Easy payment options include: automatic payments from your account or your paycheck, online banking bill pay, mail-in, or in-person at any Ohio Catholic branch

Current Members: Apply for a Loan
Non-Members: Apply for a Loan

The In-Network Catholic Tuition program offers tuition loans with low rates for a 10-12 month period.  Each Individual school decides if they want to join Ohio Catholic’s In-Network Catholic Tuition Program.  In-Network loans are approved with the partnership of the school.  If your school is not part of the In-Network program, please contact the school and ask them to join Ohio Catholic’s Tuition Payment Program.

The Out-of-Network Tuition program is available to help pay for tuition of any educational level offered by an accredited school.  This program is for parents of students attending Catholic high schools and grade schools in any of the Catholic Diocese in Ohio that do not participate in Ohio Catholic’s In-Network Catholic Tuition Payment Program.  You may also apply for an Out-of-Network tuition loan to pay for non-Catholic denominational schools, pre-K schools, supplemental educational schools, trade schools, technical schools, or higher education institutions. This program offers tuition loans with low rates for a 12-month period.