Update on Access to Garfield Heights Location

Recently, access to the Garfield Heights location has changed due to safety concerns resulting from individuals using the access road as a shortcut from Thraves Avenue to Rockside Road.  Father Thomas Haren, Pastor at St. Monica Church, recently shared the following information with his parish and school families:

In recent months, over two hundred cars and trucks each day are using the entranceway next to the Credit Union as a freeway to and from Rockside Road. These cars are not using our parking lot to come to St. Monica Church, the Credit Union, St. Benedict School, or to the Parish Office.  Not only are they using our parking lot as a short-cut between Rockside Road and Thraves Avenue, but many cars and trucks are speeding through this entranceway.  It has become dangerous to walk across the parking lot. 

As a result of this concern, the Thraves Road entrance to our parking lot, next to the Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union, will be closed.  A semi-permanent gate will be installed on that entranceway. The other entranceway from Thraves Road, next to the Pavilion, will remain open.  The reason for this decision is safety. 

As the Pastor of St. Monica Church, I am very interested in the safety of all persons entering our parish grounds.  I know that the closing of the entranceway will cause inconvenience to our parishioners and to our school families. But I believe, after much consultation, that this gate is necessary to insure a safer environment on our parking lot.  I ask for your patience and understanding of this decision. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for our members, but we certainly share Father Haren’s concern for the safety of the students, parishioners, and members of Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Click here to read Fr. Haren’s Letter

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